Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xmas Corner

Name: Xmas Corner
Game: Maze Game
Type: Flash Game
Method: Play-On-Blog

It's the day before Christmas and Santa is having a crazy time getting all the world's presents ready. Unfortunately a few presents have rebelled and are trying to run away from Santa and his cruel elves.
You're objective in this game is to group all the presents together (adjacent to one another) and to stop them from moving.

The best way to do this is to corner the presents in dead-ends and block them with your reindeer. To place a reindeer press SPACE.

Look out for power ups - they will help you stop the presents and solve the puzzles. Some power ups will activate immediately, others are placed by pressing SPACE.

Arrow keys or WASD. SPACE to drop a reindeer blocker or to drop a power up.

"similar to popular Pacman, relaxing games" Posted by:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Battlefield General

Name: Battlefield General
Game: Fighting / Steategy Game
Type: Flash Game
Method: Play-On-Blog

It is the Qin dynasty in ancient China.
The First Emperor Qin demands that all lands be pacified and be brought under his dominion. He has plans to build the Great Wall of China to protect his lands from the barbarians to the north.

This is expensive business, so it is up to you to accumulate as much gold as possible in each of your war campaigns.

If you accumulate less than 5000 gold pieces in any given mission, the Emperor will be displeased and will take 250 gold pieces from your war fund as a punishment for your poor service. Any gold above 5000 gold pieces will be used by the Emperor towards building the Great Wall.

Show the world you are a great General, pacify the lands, make as much gold as possible, survive, and try to get on the highscore list!

Mouse point and click to select your units. You can select more than one unit using CTRL + click or by drawing a box around the units.

When a unit(s) is selected click where you want it to go. Make sure no objects are blocking them.

If you have a specific route you want a unit(s) to follow, draw a path (CTRL + click + drag) you want it to go. The unit will move in a straight line to the starting point of your path and then follow it.

Arrow keys to scroll around the map.

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Primal Defence, Shooting The Demons

Name: Primal Defence
Game: Shooting Game
Type: Flash Game
Method: Play-On-Blog
Developer: Free World Group

Tips: Aim and shoot slightly before the Demons

"Kill the attacking demons before they reach your fire and turn you to dust. Look for power-ups and shoot them to increase shooting speed or hitpoints." Posted by:
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